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The Cloud Computing Battle

The Cloud computing battle is well underway with tech giants battling to ensure they emerge with dominant market shares. How is this playing out? AWS is the leader in the public cloud IaaS market. They were first to market, made it super easy for developers to quickly deploy resources with their credit card,…

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Corporate Development 101: What Every Startup Should Know

This was orginally posted at OnStartups What the heck is corporate development and why should I care? Back in the first wave of the Internet, I was part of the team at BEA Systems that built up in-house corporate development.  Our charter was simple: add significant market cap value through acquisitions, investments, and partnerships.   Specifically our…


How Much Should A Startup Founder/CEO Pay Herself?

This post originally appeared on Dharmesh Shah’s wonderful blog – OnStartups Back in 2008, Peter Thiel did an interview at TechCrunch50 in which he said one of the most important things he looks at before investing is how much the CEO is getting paid. The lower the CEO salary, the more likely…


Don’t Make Raising Angel Funding Your Plan B

This post originally appeared on Dharmesh Shah’s wonderful blog – OnStartups I wear two hats one as a general partner of a couple of seed stage VC funds, the other as an occasional angel investor. Wearing my angel-investing hat, I wanted to highlight an issue that I encourage founders…


Boston Mobile Madness

At Xconomy’s very successful Mobile Madness event a couple of weeks ago, I was struck by the vibrant mobile startup scene in Boston.   Its not that mobile focused startups are new to Boston, but rather that the ecosystem “feels” vibrant at the moment.  While the well-documented macro trend of…


The 7 Business Slides for Startups

You’re an early stage entrepreneur building a Web-based subscription business. You have your board meeting coming up soon, or you’re sitting down with your close advisors.  What information should you provide?  How should you focus the discussion? I’d suggest 7 business slides to help frame the conversation.  But I’d…

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Elite tech startup schools

PBS Newshour correspondent Hari Sreenivasan recently did a segment on startup accelerators featuring TechStars (disclosure: im a mentor in the Boston program), Y Combinator, AngelPad, and Blackbox Ventures. My friend Wade Roush, chief correspondent at Xconomy, is also featured in the clip. His write up is here.

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Clovr Media now Linkable Networks

Yesterday Clovr made two big announcements.  First, the company announced a change of name to Linkable Networks and second, a strategic investment from Citi Ventures.  We are thrilled to welcome Citi to the investor group alongside terrific investors, Kepha Partners and Bain Capital Ventures. Some press coverage: ·         Boston…


Putting Together Your Perfect Seed Round

The seed market for tech startups — particularly digital media, social, local, and mobile — is very active. Many companies are getting started and lots of investors are making seed investments. Because of my involvement in the Boston and NYC ecosystem as a managing partner at CommonAngels, I’ve been…