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Elite tech startup schools

PBS Newshour correspondent Hari Sreenivasan recently did a segment on startup accelerators featuring TechStars (disclosure: im a mentor in the Boston program), Y Combinator, AngelPad, and Blackbox Ventures. My friend Wade Roush, chief correspondent at Xconomy, is also featured in the clip. His write up is here.

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Clovr Media now Linkable Networks

Yesterday Clovr made two big announcements.  First, the company announced a change of name to Linkable Networks and second, a strategic investment from Citi Ventures.  We are thrilled to welcome Citi to the investor group alongside terrific investors, Kepha Partners and Bain Capital Ventures. Some press coverage: ·         Boston…


Yieldbot = intent data for publishers

Jonathan Mendez wrote a great post on Yieldbot’s product which is just about to come out of beta: click here .  I saw the demo last week and was impressed.  The team has done a terrific job in building a very complex product.  As Jonathan writes: Our mission is…


Great interview Xconomy & Rich Levandov re: Zynga

I liked Bob Buderi’s interview with Rich Levandov found here .  He discusses his early investment in Zynga, however two points stand out to me: 1. The Hunt for the Next New Platform—In Levandov’s view, there have been a couple of really significant platforms in the modern history of…


New investment: Clovr Media

We recently closed a $1.5M investment in Clovr Media.  I’m super excited about this investment – huge opportunity, stellar team, and great partners. Based in Boston, Clovr Media is building a valuable platform for financial institutions, retailers, brands, and consumers. It definitely falls into the “big idea” category.  There…


Shout out for an upcoming event

I wanted to call attention to an upcoming event that I think will be a great one for CEOs, founders, marketers, and investors. At Customer Development:  the Second Decade on Tuesday October 5th. Customer development methodologies and processes have been spreading through the tech community.  They are a very…


Thoughts from an angel investor

As a group of over 65 angel investors, we can be fairly diverse in our backgrounds, perspectives and how we each approach angel investing. So I thought it would be fun and maybe a bit insightful to share some perspectives from individuals in our group.  Recently I sat down…