Early Stage Adventures


Yieldbot = intent data for publishers

Jonathan Mendez wrote a great post on Yieldbot’s product which is just about to come out of beta: click here .  I saw the demo last week and was impressed.  The team has done a terrific job in building a very complex product.  As Jonathan writes: Our mission is…


Congratulations Carbonite!

At last nights MTLC Gala Awards Carbonite won the Private Company of the Year award.  Congratulations to the whole team at Carbonite.  It been an amazing journey since the early days in 2005. Nice summary of all the winners by BostonInnovation here


Great interview Xconomy & Rich Levandov re: Zynga

I liked Bob Buderi’s interview with Rich Levandov found here .  He discusses his early investment in Zynga, however two points stand out to me: 1. The Hunt for the Next New Platform—In Levandov’s view, there have been a couple of really significant platforms in the modern history of…


New investment: Clovr Media

We recently closed a $1.5M investment in Clovr Media.  I’m super excited about this investment – huge opportunity, stellar team, and great partners. Based in Boston, Clovr Media is building a valuable platform for financial institutions, retailers, brands, and consumers. It definitely falls into the “big idea” category.  There…


Shout out for an upcoming event

I wanted to call attention to an upcoming event that I think will be a great one for CEOs, founders, marketers, and investors. At Customer Development:  the Second Decade on Tuesday October 5th. Customer development methodologies and processes have been spreading through the tech community.  They are a very…


Thoughts from an angel investor

As a group of over 65 angel investors, we can be fairly diverse in our backgrounds, perspectives and how we each approach angel investing. So I thought it would be fun and maybe a bit insightful to share some perspectives from individuals in our group.  Recently I sat down…